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Below are links to other pages and organizations with interesting information about rats.  Updated 9/14/16.

For websites selling rat merchandise click here.

The website at helps rat people find each other and meet.  Check it out!

To see Schnozzle the rat play the piano, click here


It's a Rat's World

A great monthly rat newsletter!



The Rodent Reader Quarterly

A quarterly magazine about rats and other rodents.


Keela’s Reviews…from a Rat’s Viewpoint

Brian Lee's Rat Page
Lots of info, including a FAQ page.

Rats Are People Too!
A great site with some fantastic pictures.

Were Rat Help Page
Answers to many common questions.

World Rat Day Website
World Rat Day is April 4.  The website offers T-shirts and more for sale, a list of events, and fun slogans.

Mainly a home for videos and photos that focus on trust training and socialization issues.


Cirque du Sewer

A one-woman and rat circus.


A Rat coloring page


Epicuri-Rat Fine Ratty Dining


Fun on YouTube


Rats doing some wonderful wonderful tricks!


A giant African pouched rat using the toilet!


A rat enjoying a vigorous massage.


Two rats popping balloons.  Watch how one rat runs away with the last one to keep it away from the other rat!


Buddy, the Amazing Woodrat (also called a packrat), a13-minute short film


Other American Clubs


American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association

Southern California


American Rat Club   


Midwest Mischief Rat Lover's Club

In Minnesota.

Cindy at
or Andrea at


NARR (North American Rat Registry) an online searchable database of information...the most complete database of rats and ratteries.  It keeps track of litters, DOB, date of death, health problems etc of individual rats for which the breeder or owners report.


North American Rat & Mouse Club Int’l

Headquarters in the northeast.


North Shore Rat Club

Salem, MA


The Pittsburgh Rat Lovers Club & Rescue

Rat & Mouse Club of America
Several different chapter clubs. An excellent page with lots of helpful info and pictures of different varieties.

RatsPacNW Rat Fanciers Club

A Pacific North West rat club for breeders and fanciers. 


Society of Michigan Rat Fanciers

P.O. Box 610982
Port Huron, MI 48061-0982

Other English-Speaking Clubs & Websites

Canadian Pet Rat Club


Fraser Valley Pet Rats

British Columbia (just east of Vancouver)

Robyn's Rats
Rat stuff for sale in Australia, including my Rat Health Care booklet.

North of England Rat Society

National Fancy Rat Society
The first club devoted only to rats.

Yorkshire Rat Club 

IG Farbratten Berlin

(German Fancy Rat Society Berlin)

This German website includes some info in English.


R.A.S.C.A.L.S. (Rats are Sweet Cuties and Loveable Souls)

(South African Rat Fan Club)



A South African Rat Club


The Rat Place (

A Swedish website for social networking with an option in English (the language selection is on the right)

Websites About Other Animals and Topics

Humane Education


The Rattie Refuge, animal wellness, pet loss grief support and more.


Pet Site Guides

Links to the best websites about pets on the internet.



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