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If the breeder is a member of a club, the initials of the club will be listed after the
breeder's name. A date after the listing is the date the breeder was added to this list.

Updated 2/27/18



The Rat Fan Club can not make any guarantees about the quality of the rats sold by any of these breeders. You might want to ask the breeder for names of previous customers so you can talk to them and see if they were pleased with the rats they got from this breeder. You should also visit the breeder’s rattery and see how the rats are cared for and how healthy they are. I also suggest you read my article on Choosing a Breeder.


If you find out that any of these breeders is no longer breeding rats, an entry needs to be updated, or you have a breeder to add, please let me know. Thanks.







John Mathias

448 Penticton Ave

Penticton BC V2A 2M6

(250) 490-9776


SITH Rattery
Lizzy O Sullivan
New Westminster BC Canada
I belong to the Rat Fan Club, RMCA and RatsPacNW
We specialize in black-eyed Siamese, burmese, dwarf, dalmatians and European roans, in a wide variety of colors,

with health and temperament always our top priority.




Marilyn K
Rat Tails Rattery
Barrie, Ontario, Canada



Georgian Bay Rattery

Midland, Ontario, Canada

Specializing in dwarfs in silvermane, Harley, chocolate and Russian cinnamon. Small rattery breeding for pets off and on since 2006. 


Mikaylah F.
Jazzed Up Rattery
Toronto, Ontario
We are active and registered with the AFRMA, NARR, URSA. Our goal is to breed genetically strong rats, we pick the parents for the health, genetic strength and temperament. We breed; Dumbo, satin, rex hairless and true dwarf, black-eyed whites, minks, Burmese, merle, Russian blue, PEW, black, topaz and Russian dove. We also sell pet & breeder supplies.


Melissa Crew

Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

Specializing in Siamese and Burmese color points and blue and black selfs.



Atlantis Rattery

Hamilton, Ontario


I belong to AFRMA, ORC & the Rat Fan Club. I breed quality pet rats for health & temperament: Dumbo, satin, Harley, rex & dwarf. Black-eyed Siamese, Martens, Burmese, merle, pearl & ivory. We also sell pet & breeder supplies.



Riley Dagley

West Coast Rattery

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada


I have velveteen, rex, Harley. Hooded, variegated, self primarily. Will be receiving a shipment from CA with marble, silvermane, marten, and down-under to work into my lines.


United States




Andrew (2010)
Birmingham, AL 35205
I breed healthy rats with great personalities to provide the best pets, including blues, rex, and Dumbos


Nikki Elliott
AL 35903
Breeder of healthy dumbo rats with different coats and colors.


Jackie Gay

Hartselle, AL.







Raining Rats Rattery

San Tan Valley, AZ

I specialize in pearl, merle, Russian blue, and Burmese. Markings include roan, and some Dalmatian. I have velveteen, rex, and sometime hairless. Dumbo and standard eared. Dwarf and standard Sizes.


Arkansas/Oklahoma area

Layla Reid

Mystic Garden Exotics

Van Buren, AR
Breeder of fancy pet rats, dogs, and other exotic animals. We happily take in rats and most other species of animals in need of new forever homes.






Rose McClure

Black Cat Rattery

We breed standard, rex and hairless


San Francisco Bay Area


Onix of MoonStone Haven Rattery (MSH)
San Francisco, CA
Specializing in russian blue, american blue, cinnamon, marked, merle and tailless in both dumbo and velveteen coats.

Member of NCRC


The Rat’s Nest

Bill H.

Pittsburg, CA

I breed many varieties and have lots of marking/color combos that are quite unique for the collector. All babies are socialized from day 1 to make sure they are at maximum friendliness by adoption age. Some rats may already have names they respond to. 


Rat Genesis

Connie Perez

San Francisco Bay Area

Specializing in dwarf rats (whiteside, blazed, downunder).  For ratty inquiries, please add "baby rat" in the subject line. 


            South of the Bay Area


Furball Critters

Diane Kipnis

Santa Cruz, CA


USDA licensed breeder of fancy rats, hamsters and chinchillas.

Rats in colors/patterns: blue, black, gold / capped, Dalmation, blaze, Berkshire, hairless, regular ear and Dumbo.


Central California


Whisker Tickled Companion Rats

Jamie C. Stamper

Fresno, CA
“Our rats are lovingly bred and socialized with other pets and children to insure exceptional quality companion.”


            L.A. Area


Michelle Plant--2001

Little Devils Rattery

Garden Grove CA

(714) 22-9221

I specialize in Russian Blue and Rex


Kelle Steward--AFRMA--1996

27011 Mariscal Ln

Mission Viejo CA 92691

(714) 454-9579



Little Heroes Rattery 

Mission Viejo, CA

Member of: NARR, AFRMA, RMCA 

We are currently focusing on Russian blue, silvered mink and pearl merle in standard and dwarf size rats, though often have other color variations while working toward getting the precise rittens we want. We breed standard and Dumbo ears in standard, Harley and velveteen coats.


Lil' Munchkins--AFRMA--1996

Gina Hendricks

2555 Mottino Dr

Oceanside CA 92056

(760) 945-4259


Karen's Kritters--AFRMA--1996

Karen Robbins

PO Box 2589

Winnetka CA 91296

(818) 992-5564


            San Diego Area


Rebecca Walters--AFRMA

Silverbell Rattery

San Diego, CA

Breeding standard and dwarf rats in Russian blue, Siamese, marten, Burmese, silvermane, spotted tabby/marble, rex, dumbo, and more. Also breeding pet and show mice.


Cindy—RFA (Rodent Fanciers of America)

Fuzzy Misfits Rattery

El Cajon, California 

I breed rexes, hairless and dumbos in several markings and colors, including blazes, hoodeds, blues, lilacs, siamese and black eyed white.


Eliza Porter—AFRMA, RAA Approved Breeder and Behavior Helper
Squeakin’ Pups Rattery
San Diego, CA


Instagram: @SqueakinPups

At Squeakin’ Pups, rats are family. Available Colors: Agouti, black, blue, mink, along with all pink/red/ruby-eyed dilutes and combinations. Available Special Markings: Siamese, Marten, and blazed. Coat Types: Rex, double-rex, and satin. Also, Dumbo ears and dwarf rats available. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We are always here to help!






Colorado Mountain Meadow’s Rattery (CMMR)

AKA Colorado Rattery

Colorado Rat Store

Aurora/Denver, CO

A Colorado Rat Breeder focusing on Quality not Quantity! Specializing in Quality Merle, Siamese, & American Blue. 

Standard and Dwarf.  Breeding to improve health, temperament, and type. Working to improve each generation!



Ohana Rattery

Pueblo, CO

Specializing in healthy, sweet tempered rat in different varieties, agouti, mink, cinnamon, in self and marked and standard, hairless and rex furred.



Karen Stanley
Shinkelydinks Sunrise Rats (DINK)
Colorado Springs, CO

(719) 291-8452
Breeding happy, healthy beautiful pet rats in BES, burmese, and marked blue varieties!



, CO

Fancy rat breeder specializing in dwarf and standard dumbo rats.





CT Nutmeg Rattery

Middlesex County, CT

Small hobby breeder, breeding for health and temperament first. Specializing in Dumbos and rex in a variety of colors and markings.




Aimee Strickland

Aimee's Rats Nest

11691 SE 84th Terr.

Belleview, Fl 34420

(352) 897-7074


Laurie Davidson

601 NW 104 Avenue

Pembroke Pines, FL 33026

Home 954-435-0708

Cell 954-435-0708

Breeds hairless Dumbos, blue Dumbos




Leanne Scarbro & Kaylin Holder

K’S Companions

Acworth, GA

K’s Companions is a small rattery that breeds for temperament and health over color and markings. We specialize in standard and Dumbo rats in the following colors and markings: Fawn, Beige, Champagne, Agouti, Black, White, Blues, Capped, Masked, Hooded, Variegated, Self, and Blaze.

Phoenix Gate Rattery (NARR, RMCA)

Atlanta, GA


Katelyn Jenkins(NARR)

Lyra and Lark Rattery

Carrollton, Georgia (Atlanta metro area)

Specializes in rex rats



Blue Dagger Rattery
Located in Smyrna, GA, serving all of Atlanta area.

Message phone (770) 403-1405



Michael Pardue

LiL'Champs Rattery

Macon, Georgia

(478) 745-7166


Krystal Wheeler

Wintery Road Rattery

Alapaha, GA (can deliver/meet up in Douglas, Tifton, Ocilla, or even Alapaha)
Specialize in Russian blue, agouti, and Burmese with the occasional recessive colors that pop up. Dumbo and top ears, velveteen, double velveteen, rex, double rex, and standard. Marble, pearl (including merle), and hairless will be added in the future. Patterns vary from self, Berkshire, Irish, variegated, capped, and patched. Blazes are known in the line. If you need references for my rats I have plenty of willing adopters who would love to talk to you. Your welcome to ask questions and I would love to work with you. I am a closed rattery to help protect my rats from getting sick. 




Curly Whiskers Rattery (CWR)

Michelle Carroll

Boise, Idaho or

member: RatspacNW



Mischief of Remis Rattery (RMIS)

Krislyn Simer

Boise, Idaho

member: RatspacNW, NARR





Blaze Craze Rattery
Cary, IL

Breeding Russian blue and dilutes, marked, Dumbos.



Moonlit Waters Rattery—NARR, RFL (Rat Fanciers of the Lakes)
, IL
Breeding friendly and loving, healthy rats for pet and show. Focusing on
improving the whole rat and the species in general, with health and
temperament a top priority. Goals include satin-rex Dumbos in fawn and
agouti, and Russian silver Burmese/RS sables in standard Coats, standard


Mississippi Valley Rats – American Rat Club

Mindy McCullough

Colona Illinois

Specializing in roans, varigated, down under, and other marked rats with occasional manx. Top eared and Dumbo in cinnamons, blacks and blues. COMING SOON: HARLEYS!

(309) 292-3638


Debbie Fratini—NIRO, RFC, RSA, NARR

Sweet Genes Rodentry

Naperville, Illinois




Alan diGangi

6th Happiness Rattery

Wheaton, Illinois




Melissa Alsman

Mo’s Mischief Managed

Crawfordsville, IN
email contact is generally best

text at 765-225-1458
I specialize in Dumbos. Currently have black and beige variations. And soon adding Siamese, Burmese, D’Argent as well as some others.


Corey Hunt

519 S Plymouth St

Culver IN 46511

(219) 842-3189


Toni Nash—RFC, RMFE and AFRMA

2524 Greenway Rd

Ft. Wayne IN 46805

(260) 471-0899

Rex and Dumbo


Ginger Spoon

Little Rattery

Greenfield, Indiana

Contact: Text only to (317) 610-1519 or e-mail at  If you are looking for a speedy response, texting is the best way to go.

I breed for temperament and health. I have top-eared and Dumbo ratties. I do not specialize in any coat type yet, but the main ones I get are Berkshire, hooded, and variations of self. All babies are socialized from day one. More information about my care and all my methods can be found on my site at 




Luna Legacies Rattery

Indianapolis, IN

(317) 513-0074

Dumbo and top eared. Occasionally hairless.

I prefer contact by email or text. I work Monday through Friday so I will get back to you within an 8 hour period. Please don't use multiple contact methods unless I don't get back with you in a 24 hour period.



Tori Lehman and Megan Estes
T & M Curious Critters
Lafayette, Indiana
Member of NARR and GLFRA
We are a small hobby breeder of pet rats focusing on health and temperament first and foremost. We breed blues, blacks, in marked rats, dalmatians and ratties with cute facial markings, rexes and dumbo ears.


Stacy J.

Love of Rats Rattery & Rescue
Madison, IN
Specializes in a variety of color and markings.
Follow us on Facebook: Love of Rats
Call/Text 812-801-5617 (Leave message if no answer)


Hilary Edgin
Speedboat Rattery (Kissing Rats)
Vincennes, IN (Southern, IN)
Specializing in a variety of colors, Dumbos, hairless, rex and double rex. We are going for even temperament, and healthy rat companions.




Kayla Freier – AFRMA, NARR
Little Paws Rattery
Osceola, IA
At Little Paws Rattery we strive to breed healthier, longer lived rats, with great temperaments!
We work with Russian blue, Russian platinum, pearl, merle, marble, black, and PEW, in standard fur, hairless, and rex. We work with both Dumbo and top ear, and a wide variety of markings.




Tiffany Robbins
So Licky Rattery
Kansas City, KS
We are specializing in Blues and Siamese.






Rodere Rattery and Rescue

Located near Ashland, Kentucky
We specialize in dumbo rats with berkshire, hooded, bareback, downunder, and dalmation markings. Colors include Black, Russian blue,

American blue, Russian Dove, and RED. We also rescue when quarantining is available.





Anya Bogdanovich

The Firefly Rattery

Chicopee, Massachusetts

Specializing in the breeding of healthy, happy, and well socialized haired, hairless, Rex, and double Rex rats. Patterns/colors include (but not limited to) masked, Berkshire, and hooded in blue, black, and fawn.





Kat Lovings, GLFRA, NARR
Rat Dippity Rattery
Breeding for health and temperament first and foremost. Specializing in friendly, well-socialized pets and companions. Breeding dumbos, in rex and standard fur, in shades of blues. I also have a dwarf line and a BES and BEW/Dalmatian line.





Nicole Junker--2001--RASM

Carthage, MO 64836


Windy Hill Rattery  NARR & AFRMA—2008


Elsberry, MO

Small hobby rattery breeding for health and temperament first. Focus on silver lilac, American blue, platinum, black and Siamese in standard fur, hairless, and velveteen. Several markings and recessive blazes. Both ear types.



Elisabeth Brooks

Spoiled Ratten Rattery

Kansas City MO

My favorite rat varieties for breeding are slate blue, mink. lilac, and pearl merle-especially odd-eye, blaze, rex and dumbo.  Also just got dalmation.




Nastassia Gilliam

Omaha Blue Rattery ( OBLU )

Mitchell, SD

(402) 999-2689

Registries: AFRMA and NARR

Colors: agouti, cinnamon, Russian cinnamon, black, Russian blue, black-eyed white, black and red eye Siamese. Mostly self and berkshire. 

Coats: standard, silvermane, Harley, velveteen and hairless. 




Tanya Acordagoitia
Ravencharm Rattery
Reno, NV

Breeder of pedigreed rats Breeding for superior health, outstanding temperament, improved

longevity and ideal conformation.


April Langford—NARR

The Rats of Nimh Rattery (ROFN)

Las Vegas, NV

702- 334-1338

Contact on Facebook: ://

Breeding top quality pet rats in all colors and coat types. Now breeding dwarfs. 




            New Hampshire



Merri Whiskers Rattery

Hudson, NH
I have been breeding since 2005. Here at Merri Whiskers my first priority is to breed healthy rats with wonderful temperaments. I specialize in
downunders and black-eyed Siamese, Burmese and blues in self and also in a wide variety of markings. Most of my rats are Dumbos. Rex and velveteen sometimes available.

Andrea LaBarge--1998 RFC

442 Lincoln St

Manchester NH 13103

(603) 647-6995


Nycole—2008, NARR, AFRMA, RMCA)

Figit’s Friends Rattery

Southern NH


Breeding Russian blue, seal pt siamese, beige, dumbo, rex and more.


            New Jersey



Paper Heart Rattery

Blairstown, NJ

Specializing in marked rats in black and russian blue, as well as burmese and black-eyed siamese.  Other colors often available.  Various coat types including standard coat, rex, double rex, harley, and hairless.  Bred for health, temperament, and type.


Farmhouse Rats — American Rat Club
Katie S.
Branchville, NJ
Dedicated fancy rat breeder focused on producing Seal Point Black Eyed Siamese, Burmese, and Black self rats.  Great health, friendly, outgoing temperaments and longevity are the main rattery goals.  Promoting ethical breeding and responsible ownership of rats.  Breeding since 2008.


Dark Horse Mice & Rats--1997

Peter Jahrling

Peapack NJ

(908) 234-2588


Little Gems Pocket Pets

Candy Miesen

219 Oakwood Avenue

Glassboro, NJ  08028

(609) 881-4456

hairless & rex



Karen Yang

Location: Northeastern NJ near NYC

Pet and rescued rats available. Rescues accepted is resources permit. No




Katy Smith

Location: Cherry Hill

Rats available are Rescues and bred Pets/Show. Rescues accepted resources

willing. No Shipping.


            New York


Runamuck RatsAFRMA member, NARR, and IRS.

Lauren Stahl
Bethpage NY, 11714 (near NYC)

fastest way to reach us is any texting: 516-297-2321
Breeder of: Silvermanes, Martens, Marbles, Down Unders, Dwarfs, Harley, Satin, Roans, Specializing in Fawns, Blazed Berkshires, Black Eyed Whites and All Colorpoints.
We focus on temperament, health and structure.
Owner of pet rats for over 35 years, breeder for 3+ years. We are strictly a pet breeder and do not breed for food.


White Wolf Rattery—AFRMA


Coram, Long island, NY

(631) 561-7430 Text only



Om Mani Rattery
Alison Rose
Kingston, NY
Dumbo & rex in a variety of colors


Great Star Rattery (GRST)—AFRMA
Breanna Dillon & Shannon McGarigle

Rochester, NY
We are two rat lovers with over 26 years combined experience. You can also check out our Facebook page which is easily accessible through a link on the top right of our website. References available. We are working to improve various lines, due to this we have a range of colors, Dumbo and standard ears, rex and dwarf.




Alles Ratten Spiel

Webster, New York


Types Bred : European roan in kinky & “mouse” Dumbo



David Miller

Silver Cloud Rattery
White Plains, NY
Specializing in blue, dumbo and rex varieties. 

North Carolina


Sondra Allison

Asheville, NC



Mary Ann O’Grady

4030 Rountree Rd.

Ayden, NC 28513

252-756-5710 (home #)

954-821-9385 (cell #)

dumbos, hairless, and dumbo hairless



Tadd O’Bannion and Sarah Eastburn

Charlotte, North Carolina


Alison Grace

Charlotte, North Carolina

Blues, Siamese and Himalayans in standard and rex coats.


Jen’s Hairless Fancy Rats

Sneads Ferry, NC
(910) 545-7328
Hairless fancy rats for loving responsible homes. Different skin colors from black to pink. Currently fed on a whole food/organic diet. Very smart, happy, great starter pets for kids, and loving. Can ship via airlines if needed.
Please text or email for more information and pictures.


Jenny Judkins—NARR

Orbis Rattus Rattery

Winston Salem, NC

(336) 830-1970

Dumbos and shades of agoutis, in the near future, pointed varieties as well. 




Tina Young's Rattery

Franklin, OH  U.S.A.

cell: (937)231-2290

Member of RMCA. Small rattery. Specializing in Dumbos.




Tony Halm— ARC, GLFRA

RaffinHouse Rattery

1132 Stilwell Ave.
Fremont, Ohio 43420

Home 419-332-8094
Cell 419-680-1655 
hobby breeder


Sara Wisner

Little Squeaks Rattery

Solon, OH

(440) 349-4450 


Diane Keel

Toledo, Ohio 43609







Dream Mtn Rattery
Lebanon, Oregon

I specialize in breeding healthy sweet rats for pets and show. I am currently working on breeding Dalmatians, Downunders, Dwarfs, Harley/Satin, Hairless, and other varieties in many colors including; American blues, Russian blues, mink, black eyed Siamese, Burmese, etc.


Khat’s Ratz

857 NW Bond Drive

Toledo, OR  97391


My rats are registered with NARR (North American Rat Registry).  I specialize in beautiful, huge eared, Dumbo only now.  Blue, chocolate, golden agouti, opal, platinum, apricot, fawn, and champagne selfs.  On occasion capped, blazed, berkshire, eye patch, masked, dalmation, etc. and odd-eye.  I also now have Aussie Down-Unders.  All my pet quality males are sold neutered




Brittany Golas
Ember of Passion Rattery (
Eagleville, PA
Ember of Passion Rattery breeds healthy, sweet, and lovable family pets. Our rats are our family first and foremost. Check us out for the best addition to your family. We have many coat types here including Rex, Hairless, Velveteen and of course Standards. We have a wide variety of colors here including Fawn, Russian Blue, Mink, Cinnamon, Pearl Merle, and Cinnamon Merle. We have other colors pop up in the litters as well. We have an amazing line of dwarfs!!
(610) 505-1220- Text only

Shipping- Established Breeders only.



Igisum Rattery

Hazleton PA
(516) 425-3888
We specialize in marked, variegated, patched, wedged Berkshires and hairless rats in standard and dumbo ears.



Beth Treisner
Paws and Claws Pet Store
305 W. State Street, Ste. 3
Kennett Square, PA 19348
(610) 925-5546



Lacia Renyck

Jealous Jade Rattery

Mapleton Depot, PA

(814) 542-2487

We are new to running a rattery, but we are experienced with owning rats for 13 years. I have studied rat health and genetics and we follow the AFRMA standards as much as possible. We focus on health AND temperament first, then our focus is body structure, patterns, and colors. We have agouti, black, blue, fawn, and a few other colors. We also have Berkshire, Irish, hooded, varigated, and capped. We have mostly pups, but we do adopt out adults. We do NOT ship our rats, no exceptions. We do applications and adoption contracts, no exceptions.



RockaBye Rattery  RKB
Philadelphia, PA [suburbs]
rockabyerattery [at]

Small hobby-breeder in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs.  Our goal is to breed healthy, wonderfully tempered, pets.  We specialize in dumbo shaded rats, primarily Burmese and BE Siamese, with an emphasis on the blue colors.



Sweet Whispers Rattery (STWR)
Pottsville, PA
Here at Sweet Whispers Rattery first and foremost we breed for health and temperament. Our number one goal is to have sweet ‘n healthy rats. Our next focus is on structure and finally, color. We will have rex, hairless and standard coats available. We may have standard eared rats available occasionally, but the majority will be dumbos in a variety of markings.
(570) 544-1720 Daytime phone
(570) 292-2040 Evening phone after 9pm


Amy Hoffman
230 Main St Apt 3
Royersford, PA 19468

(610) 792-0156

Specializing in hairless and albino.




Jennifer Kelly

Rough and Puff Rattery (PUFF)

Fort Worth, TX

I breed for AFRMA standards, great health and calm temperaments.

Standard and rex coats. Standard and Dumbo ears. Colors include UK Pearl, UK Minks, US Mink, UK Cinnamon Pearl, Cinnamon, Siamese Sable, Sable, Fawn, plus more! Markings: Unmarked, English-Irish, Berkshire, Blazed Berkshire.



Jamie and Amandas Rattery
Austin TX
We breed hairless rats and other fancy rats. All babies and parents are handled daily and are very friendly.



Claire Williams

Chilli Pepper Rattery

Dallas, TX

We have many breeds, coats, and colors.
Facebook: Dumbo Rats


Jessica and Anna

Queens Rattery

Dallas, TX

Instagram: _queens_rattary_
Snapchat: queensrattary
(972) 971-7669

Hairless, rex, and standard



Thistle Brook Rattery
Denton, TX



Jozzette & Michael Hagemann
Denton, TX

Registered Rattery: AFRMAR1209-RR09

RATS: Standard, Rex, Hairless, Dumbo; English Irish, Irish, Berkshire, Self, Blazed; Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Blue,  Hairless Himi



Amber Robinson  

Squeaky Cheese Rattery

New Braunfels, TX


I answer messages on Facebook the fastest.

I breed with temperament and health as a top priority. Hairless, rex, dumbo, standard, in many different colors.



Kim Eriksen-Bermudez—RAT

Sunrise Rats

Hutto, TX





LalaBean Rattery

Lehi, Utah

We specialize in American, sky, and powder blue, Russian blue, silver and dove. Black eye Siamese and Burmese.  

We have both standard and dumbo. Rex, bristle, velveteen, Harley and Curly Harley coats.



The Groomed Rattery

Richfield, UT

Standard, Dumbo, and rex in many colors including American blue.



Debi Carwell

Sandy, UT

(801) 576-0825




Micah Ross

Chaos Rattery

Christiansburg, VA

Call or text: (540)-505-1577

Specializing in Blues and Dumbos. We also take in unwanted rats and try to find them homes.




near Washington D.C

Rats in Hairless, Odd-eye, Tri-color, Dumbo, Mink, Pearl, Pearl-Merle, Rex,

Dalmation, Lilac, Fawn, Blazed, Blue, Platinum, Siamese... and Tailess very

soon; Shipping: will consider. Rescues: not at this time.


Heather Rocker-Sethman
Virginia/DC Metro Area
RATS AVAILABLE: Rescue Rats & Pet Varieties specializing in
Himalayan/Siamese & Varigated.
RESCUES: Rats, Mice, and just about all other rodents, depending on
SHIPPING: may consider




Candace Finger—2010

Forever Loved Rats Rattery (FLRR)

Grandview, WA


Breeding Harley, rex, double rex, and velveteen coats.


Little Whiskers Rattery of Washington (LWRW)—RatsPacNW, AFRMA—2016

Renee Page

Lacey, WA

Little Whiskers is a small Rattery located in Lacey, WA. I’m a rat enthusiast and breeder hobbyist, and I breed based on temperament and health. All of my rats are held or played with daily from birth. My focus is on providing you happy and healthy rats. We breed Dumbo and rex rats in a variety of colors with Dalmatian and variegated markings.


Blue Ridge Rattery--AFRMA--1996

Rhoda Behrens

Nine Mile Falls WA

(509) 466-2812


Pied Piper Rattery--RMCA--1997

Lori Ross

405 SE Jordan Rd #102

Pullman WA 99163

(509) 332-6422


Ratz Realm Rattery

Hilloah Whealser

Seattle/Renton, WA

(818) 219- 0595

Breeding pedigreed pet rats for health, loving temperament, and undeniable cuteness.  Specializing in Dumbo, hairless, velveteen,

Siamese, Burmese, and dwarf rats.  Colors include blue, Russian blue, various Burmese shades and more.  15 years rat breeding experience.



Cali Critters


Vancouver, WA

Breeding quality pet rats for health, loving temperament, and a great personality. Specializing in Standard and Dwarf size ratties in standard and Dumbo ear. Colors including Siamese, Himalayan, Mink, Black & Beige. (We will be working on bringing blue and other colors into our dwarf lines). We also sell food and other supplies. 



Our Crazy Rat Adventure (OCRA)

Member of: NARR, AFRMA, RatsPacNW 
Our Crazy Rat Adventure is located just North of Vancouver, WA. Our main goal is to develop healthy ratties with amazing temperaments. We breed about 3-4 times a year to develop our lines and have sweet lil’ pips(queaks) available out of those pairings. We do have a wait list and would love to add you to it. We specialize in mink, (dilutes), & blue Dumbos. Check out our Facebook page to see some of our amazing ratties. 



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