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June 22, 2013

2nd Annual ARC Show

MSU Pavilion, Rooms A&B, Lansing, MI   

4301 Farm Lane, East Lansing, MI (at the corner of Farm Lane and Mt. Hope)
10:30 AM
Entries are limited to ARC members only.  The public is welcome, and encouraged to attend (but please leave your rats at home)!

In addition to conformation classes there will be pet classes, such as "Sweetest Face", "Busiest Female", and "Most Chilled Male". For those new to rats or who have never met a rat, there will be a Meet and Greet" opportunity with some amazing "rattie ambassadors"! There will be vendors selling a variety of items such as hammocks and hanging "hidey houses". We will also hold a raffle for some really cool rattie-related items! There will be something for everyone to enjoy so please come! Admission $1.

Our judge for this show will be Nikki Scott of Ann Arbor, Michigan (Nikki formerly ran Tiny Toes Rattery.) I will post important show information as the date gets closer but here are a couple things to keep in mind: To be entered in Youth classes rats must be 7 weeks old as of the show date, so breeders should plan accordingly if wanting to enter Youth. There will be a 21 day Health Protection Period (HPP) prior to the show during which you will not be permitted to bring new rats into your home or rattery. Does may give birth during the HPP HOWEVER they must have been bred to/pregnant by males who are living ON SITE and HAVE BEEN at the rattery/home for AT LEAST ONE MONTH prior to the beginning date of HPP. Rats can only be entered by members of ARC but anyone is welcome to attend. There will be lots going on, new rat friends to meet, and hammocks, etc., on sale. Show information will gradually be added to the ARC website,, so those interested can look there for information, or may contact me (Debra Ann Fratini) at”


You are welcome to bring rats to the events only if they are free of all symptoms of disease and/or parasites, and have not been exposed to any new, strange, or ill rats during the 3 weeks prior to the event.  This includes any new rats brought into your home.

This is to prevent rats from bringing any disease that still might be in the incubation phase to the rat events. This not only applies to your pet rat(s) but also to any rats that are brought for adoption as well.

Please wash your hands before and after handling any of the rats at the event.

Please ask the owner of the rats for permission to hold or pet their rats.

All rats attending the rat event should be brought in their own travel cage.

Please remember that you are bringing your ratties to these events at your own risk. Certain rules have been set up for you and your ratties safety. The Northern California Rat Community will not be held responsible for any illness or injury to your rats or your person that may occur from attending and bringing your rats to these events. Please be responsible and considerate of others by following the special rat rules and enjoy the event.

Thank you for your cooperation

The Crafty Rat

Rattie Ratz Rescue Resource and Referral

The Rat Fan Club

Rat Assistance & Teaching Society (RATS)

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