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The following list are the articles, stories, or topics covered in each issue.
(Column abreviations: @ = Trick, * = Playtime, + = Project)

#39-40/August-Sept 95 (double)
Visitors, Unusual Health Problems, Euthanasia at home Tail rings, Biting rat, Disinfecting mycoplasma       * +Cave Sleeve       *The Couch Tent

#41/October 95
Visitors, Pt 2, Handfeeding, Waxy penile secretion, New respiratory treatment, Abscess treatment, Per pound dosages       *Halloween Rats       +An Easy Hammock

#42/November 95
Visitors, Pt 3, Injectable analgesia, weaning age, Retraining       +Ladder

#43/December 95
Pet Humans, The Good Rat Veterinarian, Velour rats, Tooth grinding, Skin rash, Dumbo rat photo       *New Product Reviews

#44/January 96
Butterscotch, Visitors, Pt 4, Spayed Rats Live Longer, Allergy to Rat Bites, Dentist Rats       *Digging Box       +Aquarium Hanging Holes

#45/February 96
Rat in the Chinese Zodiac, Visitors, Pt 5, Respiratory Treatments, Homemade diet improves health, Hammock tip       *Food Toys       +Solid Plastic Wheel

#46/March 96
Ratcon 1996, Ben's Bad Trick, Stopping Bleeding, Rat too fat?, Bumblefoot tip, Age estimate, Dry tylosin dose       *Polly Logs       +Hanging Tunnel

#47/April 96
A French-Canadian Rat Story, The Case Against Single Rats, Grieving, Web page, Antibiotics, Mutants, Cages       *Edible Flowers       +Plastic Bin Cage

#48/May 96
Visitors, Pt 6, Medical Tidbits, Curly-tailed rats, Personality change in spayed rat, Fasting rats before surgery       +Sweater & Straight jacket

#49/June 96
Book Review: Rats for Those Who Care, Visitors, Pt 7, New evidence against pine, New supplement, Baytril failure, Cage Design       +Bureau Condo

#50/July 96
Ed & Bela, Health Odds & Ends, New products, Rat Totem Group, Raw peanuts ok?, Bleeding toe first aid       *Treasure Hunt       +Flower Pot Nest

#51/August 96
Genetics, Pt. 1, Beyond antibiotics, Cat attack rats, Hairless rat care, Gassy foods, FerreTrail Funnels danger       *Buried Treasure      +Safe Floor Covering

#52/September 96
Genetics, Pt 2, Beyond antibiotics, Pt 2, Soy yogurt, Itchy human arms       +Giant Rat Cage

#53-54/Oct-Nov 96 (double)
Genetics, Pt 3, Health Product Reviews, Steroids for Itching, Infected Sebeceous Glands, Bully rats, Rat proofing rooms, Petting skittish rats       + Mesh Tubes

#55/December 96
Our Rat Shelter, Salmonellosis, Preventing suture removal, Ear attack, Food questions       +Handicapped Ramps

#56/January 97
Funny Stories, Potty Training, Lung Infection or Cancer? Agressive Male, New Hairless Rat shirt design       *Paper Pass & Stash       +Cardboard Chest Playground

#57/February 97
Australian Rats, Mischief's Lucky Chance, Post-surgical Bleeding, Hagen cage, Squirmy babies, Cataracts, Scabs       *+3-D Funhouse

#58/March 97
Rats on TV, Introducing New Rats, Grief, Carpet-Danger Alert, Socializing new rats, neutering questions       +Valve box nest box

#59/April 97
Book Review: Tatti Wattles, Amusing Anecdotes, More Sebeceous Problems, Neutering age, Medicated water, Surgical offer       *Rat Dancer       +Soy Pancakes

#62/July 97
Addicted to Rats, Skin Fungus, Allergy to Yogurt Drops, extra toenail, homemade diet questions, rat in the news       * Park Outings       + Birthday Cake

#63/August 97
One Fortunate Rat, Appleton Rat Rescue, Steam Treatment for Respiratory, Wild rat aggression, Sick rat foods       *Oodles       +Bookmarks

#64/Sept 97
Hand-raised Wild Roof Rat, Megacolon, Homemade diet substitutions       *Ferret Freeway       +Large wood-frame cage

#69/Feb 98
Raffins, Book Review: The Rat--A Perverse Miscellany, Doing an Autopsy, Germs, Nipping, Chewing, Gas-X dosage       *Snowcones       +Cage Tips

#70/March 98
Taffy's Story, The Finky Letters, Friends Are Great! Miracle Rat, Other California clubs       *Ratty Websites       +Rat Handprint Stationery

#72/May 98
Rats in the News, A Letter to Ed, Bone Cancer, Cutting whiskers, shredded newspaper, sugar       *Tissue Paper Toys       +Rat Laughter Detector

#73/June 98
Book Review: Guide to Owning a Rat, Using a Respiratory Nebulizer, Old rats chewing & biting       *Napkin Game       +Nebulizer box

#74/July 98
Mouse, aka Dracula, New Products, Tumor Treatments, claws, artistic rats, gestation & parasite info       *Spritz the Rat       +Fun with Panty Hose

#76/Sept 98
My Trip to New England, New Friend for Old Rat, Emphysema treatment, beer boost?, licking, poop marking       *Wooden Houses       +Fridge Shelf Ladder

#77/Oct 98
Feather Episode, Rats on The Howie Mandel Show! Medication Tips, Eucalyptus oil, determining pregnancy       *New Products       +Plastic Hanging House

#79-80/Dec 98-Jan 99 (double)
Lassiter & Armand, Tail Rat-tling, Rats & Mice: Dangers, Adoptions On-Line, Bently, Buffy, Hide'n'Seek, Tamoxifen Success, Calvin's Mystery Disease, Photo Tips, Freezing lab blocks, Fluoride warning, Neutering questions       *Rug Rides       *Products       +Gutter Guard Shelf       +Ladder Cover

#83/April 99
Rat Lovers Romance, Smudge, Congestive Heart Failure, Lasix allergy, Weak baby, New bumblefoot treatment       *Human Tower       +Papa's Primo Treats

#84/May 99
Giant African Pouched Rat, External Ear Infections, A broken leg, homemade diet questions, surgical risks       *+An Easy Maze

#85/June 99
Giant Rat, Pt. 2, Shito & Na-Zumi Unusual Health Cases, Gentocin ear allergy, New rats, Rats & mice       *Water Bubbles       +Meals on Wires

#87/Aug 99
Rats in the News, Rat Surprises, Caesar's Story, Aging Rats, sphagnum moss, allergy to dogs, sugar triggers seizures       *Name Poems       +Pressman's Hat

#88/Sept 99
Zoo Rats, Oreo Cookie, pt 1, Dermatitis, Food Fungus, Possible Chemical Lung Burn, Teeth Trimming, Growth       *Falling Ball Game       +Halloween Mask

#89/Oct 99
Oreo Cookie, pt 2, Curious George, Sandi's Adventure, Medical Kit, Abnormal Pregnancy, Antihistamine, Tricks       *Fruit Bones       +Tubes

#100/Sept 00
Survey Results, pt 1, Club History Mortality Statistics, vomiting?, freezing food.       *Pop your
Cork       +Party Hat and "Sparkler"

#102/Nov 00
Survey Results, pt 2, Summer of Rats, Possible Chocolate Poisoning, Facial Twitching, Food Allergy, garlic, eating paper, tamoxifen experience, Reggie Rat food , pet loss websites *Handy Hints +Edible Wreath

#103/Dec 00
"I'll Take This One," Founding Member Profiles, Broken Nose, vibrating ear, vegetarian diet?, value of autopsies, tamoxifen success, rock stealing rat, nose cyst       *Paper Bag Fun +Cinnamon Chew Sticks

#110/July 01
Movie Review: Ratz, Rats on Holiday, My Funny Sweetie Pie, Bladder Stones, Tracheotomy, diaper rash ointment for paraplegics, ringtail in pouched rats, apple seed danger, false pregnancy, vegetarian diet       *Popsicle Sticks      +Rubber Hammocks

#114/Nov 01
Cross-country with Rats, Taping for Animal Planet Series, Health Records, paraplegic cage suggestion, zoo donation, how many soy beans?       *Pet Sticks Organic Apple Chews       *Rat-sized Computer

#116/Jan 02
The Story of Ros, Bella on the Loose, The Crush Victims, A Possible Back Injury, powder-coating cages, hand rubbing behavior, fleas in a new house, Biaxin, morphine reaction       *Tubing/Toy Match       +Disposable Rat Plates

#118/March 02 

Meeting Moe (DiSesso, the rat trainer), The Easter Rat, A Possible New Mycoplasma Treatment, zapper success, young female hormones influence older rats? coping with rat deaths       *Cornstarch Packing Peanuts  +Rat Playhouse


#121/June 02  

Rats in the News, A Case of Skin Allergy, rat making mewing noise, self-barbering, History Channel Filming 

*Wodent Wheel Cleaning Tip   +Rat Cake


#122/July 02

Contest Winners, JEdgar & Dicky-Soo, My Rat Scrapper, Recovery from Sudden Paralysis, chiropractic on a rat, loud music  *Tasty Toons   +Coroplast Playpen or Cage Liner


#123/August 02  

Lucky the Roof Rat, TV Show Update, The Danger of Fluoride, helpful tips, using rats in education, taking Maxl shopping, rats flying on Alaska Air & Horizon, mosaic rat photo on web    *Grape Snowcones   +The Boingy Ball Toy


#125/October 02  

Tufts Animal Expo, Hematoma case, baking molasses mix, tail scab treatment, tip for giving meds, Alternatives in Education Database   *Greenies   +Rattie-shaped Cookies


#126/November 02 

ZZP & Guinevere, Book Review: The Story of Rats, Homeopathy, flaxseed, injury caused head tilt, bumblefoot treatment,

Benadryl dose, incontinence pads help allergy to rats, a rat helper   *Bark Bites   +Walnut Shell Rat Ornament


#127/December 02  

T’was the Night Before Christmas, Rats on South Korean TV, A Benign Vaginal Polyp, urination reaction to peppermint,dieting a fat rat, rat music composer   *Pocket Sweatshirt   +Rat Cage Pouch


#128/January 03  

Ratapalooza!  Caramel “The Wonder Rat,” Rats on the John Walsh Show, pt 1, Strep Infection Myth, pine-scented candles, food preservatives, catnip, fur mites, rat saves another rat   *Hamsteroids    +Anatomy Word Puzzle


#129/February 03  

Fear Factor Letter-Writing Campaign, Rats on the John Walsh Show, pt 2, Rat Sitter Care Sheets, aggressive female, cruciate

ligament problem, NSAIDs for respiratory symptoms   *Come Along Carrier   +Toilet Paper Mache Ball


#134/July 03  

Morticia, the African Giant Pouched Rat, Promoting Rats in Indiana, pt. 2, A Case of Fur Mites, stuffed toy rats website, objectionable birthday card, urine problem in cage, abscesses on tail, sleep apnea in a rat?  *Cute Cat Toys   +Pipe Cleaner Chew Beads


#135/August 03  

Fighting the Covington Animal Ban, Java, the Therapy Rat, Butterscotch, Three Cases of Choking, touching Baytril bad?  Stainsafe warning, South Korean videotape  *A Lawn Adventure


#136/Sept 03  

Top 10 Ways to Know You’re a Rat Lover, The Trials of Parental Discipline, The Further Adventures of Harry Potter or Why I Was Banned from Bringing Rats to Work, Rescue Rats in the UK, An Unusual Liver Abscess, rats on leashes, eye treatment, disappearing “tumor,” M & Ms ease euthanasia  

*Basket Transport   +Easy Hammocks


#137/Oct 03  

A Heavenly Vision, Rocky’s Story, Why His Name is Split, The Difference Proper Food Can Make, hemp bedding, fibromas, self-stick felt for paraplegic rats, loss of tooth pigment, diagnosing respiratory symptoms, food choices   *Undercover boxes   +Candy Rats


#138/Nov 03  

Come Along on a Rat Cruise!  Rats in the News pt. 1, Taking Omega to UC Davis, pt. 1, cracker treats, gemmotherapy, astralagus warning, *Roll Out the Fun (toilet paper)  +Rat Christmas Stockings


#139/Dec 03  

Meditation on a Sleeping Rat, Rats in the News, pt. 2, The Great Italian Rat Rescue, Taking Omega to UC Davis, pt. 2, anesthetic risk for heart patients, disinfecting cages, paralyzed mother rat  *Catch-A-Bubble   +Felt or Foam Rat Ornament


#140/Jan 04

Book Review: Animals and the Afterlife, Book Review: Bath Rat, Book Review: I Was a Rat!  The Rat’s World, Heidi 5-O, A Tongue Tumor, a liver disease recovery, a nasal tumor, choking  *Sock I.Q. Test    +Braided Fleece Rope


#141/Feb 04  

Addie’s Near Miss, A Funny Newbie Story, Hairy, Pet Rats (a poem), A Rat’s Devotion, A Spoonful of Sugar, when are kids old enough for rats?, jealous rats, rat twins?, SDA carried by wild mice?  *Safe Aspen Tunnels   +Sweatshirt Hammock


#142/March 04  

A Campaign Against “Live-Feeding,”  Stuart Z. Little…The Chick Magnet,  Isabelle, the Valium Redemption, Wodent Wheel suppliers, new rat introduction warning   *Parrot Pinata   +Paper-Towel Tube Tunnel


#143/April 04  

Living with Kendall (Giant African pouched rat), A Dream Come True, Geriatric Rat Care, eating moths, rats and hamsters, rat killing mice, pituitary tumor treatment, options other than burying deceased rats   *Climbing Trees   +Jointed Clay Puppets


#144/May 04  

A Rat Booth at Sci-Fest, A Dose of My Own Medicine, Don’t Touch that Rat He’s Vicious!, Ben Ari—Free-Range Rat, Vincent’s Strange Allergy, Esbilac for a rescued weanling, cleaning with ammonia a danger    *Word Puzzle   +Sense of Smell Test


#145/June 04  

Cold (An Italian Rat), Book Review: Rats, Observations on the History and Habitat of the City’s Most Unwanted Residents, A Tongue Tumor, malocclusion, lung mass, hind-leg weakness    *Bed Cover   +Corner Playground


#146/July 04  

Rats on VH1, Kat, Kitty and Sam, The Adventures of One-Eyed Olive, A Solution to a Contact Rat-Allergy, barbering, peanut butter choking, cats and rats, older rat losing roommate  *+An Agility Course, Pt. 1: The Hoop Jump


#147/August 04  

Reno Rescues, The Rat Lady Has What?, Human Skin Lesions, nipping, Monkey Chow, hitch pins tip, recurring abscess/tumor, whisker barber    *+Agility Course, Pt. 2: The Bridge


#148/Sept 04  

Rats in the News, The Return of VH1, Comparing Veterinary Costs for Dogs & Cats, fungus infections *The Deedle-Dude 

+Bobble-head rat


#149/Oct 04

Rat Political Essays, Rats in Fiction, pt 1, A Case of Electrocution, skin bumps, the benefit of apple/carrot juice?, review for World’s Best Cat Litter, Monkey Chow treats, digging dirt   *+Agility Course, Pt. 3: Teeter-Totter


#150/Nov 04  

Rats in Fiction, pt 2, introducing rats, calming a blind rat, spaying stopped urine marking, jewelry sources, rats on TV   *+ Agility Course, Pt. 4: Weave Poles


#151/ Dec 04  

God Rest Ye Merry Fancy Rats (song), Rat Flats, The Rescue, A Chiropractic Success, activity levels of babies, fur mites, malocclusion, showering rat    *A Safe Wire Mesh Wheel   +Chocolate Christmas Rats


#152/Jan 05  

Our “Willard Rats’” Photo Day, Book Review: The Pole Seekers, Socks, the Fire Marshall, A Case of a Perforated Stomach, rats’ relationships with human family, books featuring breeds?   *Stuffed Bones   +Snuggle Scarf


#153/Feb 05  

Talking with Kendall (giant African pouched rat), Book Review: My Rat and Me, Foam Rubber Toy Causes Intestinal Blockage, euthanasia     *A Rat Castle   +Agility Course, Pt. 5


#154/March 05  

Mr. Tinkles, Our Rat Journey, An Attempted Treatment for Brain Cancer, a rat funeral, rat needs aminophylline every 5 hours, cannibalism   *+Flaming Hoop of Fire


#155/April 05

Prize-Winning Rats, There is Nothin’ Like a Rat  (song), A Case of Spinal Subluxation, rat kills mouse, vets question spay benefits for tumors    *+ Exercise Ball Remodel


#156/May 05  

An Unusual Printer Jam (wild mouse stuck in printer), The Egg Game, Introducing New Rats, Aromatherapy for Rats, Pt 1, exercise wheels, vitamin B12, late socialization, rat avoids surgery   *The Star Play Box   +Non-slip Paths for Elderly Rats


#157/June 05  

The Slender-tailed Cloud Rat, Lost and Found, Buttercup the Vole, Aromatherapy for Rats, Pt 2, chewing on hands, a case of pyometra, when to euthanize, older female in heat?   *The Rat Toilet Seat   +The Spinning Wheel


#158/July 05  

My Airplane Trip with Macy, Day of the Roofie, Lulu in Memoriam, Aromatherapy for Rats, Pt. 3, baby recovered from being stuck in fabric, purchasing a nebulizer, moulting   *Urine-proofing Wooden Accessories   +Treat Sticks


#159/August 05  

Farewell, Dear Barney, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, More Than One Way to Trap a Rat, Aromatherapy for Rats, Pt. 4, A Case of Basal Cell Carcinoma in the Lung, hairless gene, buying a nebulizer, food poisoning, treat dominance   *Belly Buzz  +Purse Carrier


#160/Sept 05  

Rats in the News Pt. 1, Aromatherapy Pt. 5, Another Case of Panic Attacks, abdominal cramps, whining, chocolate as a

bronchodilator, a rat rescue in Rome   *Activities for Rats When You’re Out of Town   +Guardian Angel Rat


#161/Oct 05  

Rats in the News Pt. 2, Aromatherapy Pt. 6, medication error causes seizure, risks of surgery, wild rat saved from snake 

*Rat Rag Basket   +Wizard Costume


#162/Nov 05  

Rats in the News Pt. 3, Aromatherapy Pt. 7, penis care in older rats, Depo-Medrol for pituitary tumors, 2 natural remedies for

abscesses and diarrhea   *Sunflower Head Treats   +Sweatshirt Snuggle Pouch


#163/Dec 05  

A Christmas Rattie Tale, Miss Rat’s Gift to Me, The Great Pointed Archer Society, solving a case of lip biting, amoxicillin saves a rat’s life *Toilet Lid Cover Hammock   +Rat Christmas Ornament


#164/Jan 06  

Fuzzy, the Service Rat, Correcting Food Myths, new companion for older rat?, do rats have souls?

            *Water Fountain   +Tightrope Trick


#165/Feb 06

Astounding Intelligent Rat Infestation, A case of rat pox, using a urine acidifier and treating a urinary infection, rat won’t take meds, eating poop is normal, chance of pregnancy, source of lice, ulcerated tumor             *Nuts in the Shell          +No-Sew Sweatshirt Hammock


#166/March 06

Orson’s Greatest Gift, The Godfather and his Mafia Boys, OH! Rats?   A Lesson in the Use of Amoxicillin, greasy male backs, choking first aid saves rat’s life, Rainbow Maker product             *Dried Mealworms   +Hammock for Paraplegic Rats


#167/April  06  

The Easter Rattie, Ernestine’s Life, A Rat-Friendly Vet in Alaska, Natural Disaster Planning for Rats, Trust Training article can be found on website, groin lumps after neuters    *OfficeMax Eco-Packing Fun   +Simple Elegant Water Bottle Holder


#168/May 06

Hunter’s Story, Health Odds & Ends, barbering, wild rat housemates   *Cherries   +Grave Marker


#169/June 06

Scamperrats Art, Book Review: Pleasurable Kingdom, Ode to Papa Rat, Two Cases of Urinary Crystals, successful congestive heart failure treatment, rat didn’t like cold medication, increasing heart medication, prednisone for pituitary tumors   *Jeans Toy   +Huggable Urns


#170/July 06  

Boo Boo Bear, “Heart Shots” Illegal in California, Adventures with Orphaned Babies, A Case of Auto-Immune Disease, scratches from rats, sneezing jags, online pharmacy no prescription needed, too much cinnamon upsets stomach, malocclusion—tooth trimming or extraction?   *+Spring Toy


#171/August 06  

My Little Angel—My Inspiration, A Rat Stars in Flowers for Algernon, All About Aragorn, Four Cases of Possible Thymus Gland Tumors, rats pose no significant risk of LCMV for pregnant woman, treatments for respiratory symptoms not just antibiotics          *Lafeber’s Bird Treats   +Martins Cage Assembly


#172/Sept 06  

Papaya, Eeek! There’s a Rat in the Surgery Ward!  Four Feet in Heaven (poem), Homeopathic Medicine for Rats, when to introduce new rats with symptoms, fuzzy vs. semi-hairless   *Raising Mealworms  +Deedle-Dude Revisted


#173/Oct 06  

A Great Rat Rescue, A Case of Fatal Bleeding (probably cause Metacam), Meloxicam vs. prednisone for pituitary tumors   *Snuggle Ring Bird Toy    +Interdesign Sink Mats for Cage Floors


#174-175/Nov-Dec 06   

Peanut’s Miracle, Buddy, The Biter,  Maddie, Moving Day for Momma Mouse, A Near Deepfreeze Disaster, Rudy (poem), Home Euthanasia Revised, blood in the urine, narcolepsy, older rat in heat, hip dysplasia, how to tell early pregnancy, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation   *A Few Good Ideas   +Ratty Signatures   +Rat in a Box


#176/Jan 07 

Symptoms of a Rat Lover, Potty Training Your Rat in Six Easy Steps, Anti-tumor Tea, symptoms of cyanide poisoning, mouth ulcer, overgrooming tail, treating a pituitary tumor   *Jungle Greens   +Modified Cement Tray Cage


#177/Feb 07  

Officer Rat (poem), Rodentia Dementia, A Very Strange Cyst, midwife rat, questions on diet, malaria, rats on TV

            *An Electric Rattie Massager   +Carpet Box Maze


#178/Mar 07  

Adlai, the Wild Rat, The Eyes of Love (poem), Fatal Food Allergies, a severe leg infection, pet rats in Brazil, a spiritual contact

with deceased rats   *Pet Pasta   +Maze Science Project


#179/Apr 07  

More Travels with the Trucker Rats, An Adoption Gone Bad, Two Respiratory Cases, a good word for hamsters, sterile abscess after neuter, a Pacific jumping mouse   *Hidden Word Puzzle   +Crocheted Rat Afghans


#180/May 07  

Book Review: Walter, The Story of a Rat, Betsy, the Whirlwind, Warning: A Free-Ranging Tragedy, Pices’ Recovery from Brain

Injury, a persistent wound, ELISA antibody test results, an aggressive female   *Pet Pasta  +Rat Greeting Card


#181/June 07  

Do Rats Go to Heaven?  Rats in the News, A Case of Apparent Drug Interaction, abnormally small rat, poor coordination

*A Rat Beach   +Tube Ramp


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