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For the treatment of megacolon see the article at


Here are photos of autopsies done on rats with megacolon.


WARNING!  They are quite graphic and might be disturbing to some people.



These rats were a brother and sister from an extremely inbred litter.  They were euthanized at about 4 weeks of age.  Their large intestines were about 3-4 times the size they should have been.







The neutered male rat below was 9 months old and received the recommended treatment.  However, he developed a blood clot in his large intestine which caused severe symptoms and he was euthanized. The abnormally enlarged portion of his large intestine was about 4 times normal size.




The female rat below was about 6 months old and received some treatment.  However, she developed a severe fecal blockage and was euthanized.  The enlarged portion of her large intestine is about 4 times normal size.  The fecal mass in the picture on the right is what caused her blockage. 4 ½ cm is about 1 ¾ inches.



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